A "Best Of" Pete & C
Presentation: "TECH OUT" Your Primary Classroom:

Tech for Physical Education

Free Tools and Resources for "Gifted" learners

5 ways to "Hack" Digital Storytelling

Let me first start by saying that this was the session that made my entire trip worth while. The speaker started out with a story about Hemingway and his "6 Word Story," and just captivated the audience. They were turning people away due to the full seats.
  1. Re-imagine story-bordering process over product (teach them to pattern information)
  2. Screen recording what your doing and place it back into your finished product to show your process. Students can use all the things they like into their story games music, etc. Keynote share make it an image - also works in ppt
  3. Slides to images>> final product = a combination of screencasting and Stop motion
  4. Inceptional thinking- using several mediums integrated together- challenge kids to take their effect and coin them after them. "We are using the Joey C. effect on this transition."
  5. Repurpose the library as the center for design. Willingness to take risks...students changing the purpose of the library from library as repository to a creation station.
    1. Built in personal network
    2. Risk takers
    3. Technology leaders
    4. Information specialists
    5. Lit guides stud.lib guides
    6. Screencastomatic
    7. Falcon guides petechia 2014 google search salisbury
    8. Maker spaces =design center
      1. Make it at your library website
Library web platform: http://springshare.com/libguides/

Recipe for a digital story: 1 image 2 text 3 image 4 short video 5 text 6 short video

60 apps in 60 minutes (Thanks Shawna Nichols!)

  1. Google Voice
  2. Instashare
  3. myHomework / Techers.io
  4. Net Texts
  5. School Fuel
  6. Airserver
  7. Traffic Light!
  8. Crowd Mic
  9. Too Noisy App
10.Remind 101
11.Plutonium Recorder
12.CamScanner Free
14.SAS Data Notebook
18.Kids Media
19.Number Pieces Bacis
20.10 monkeys Multiplication
22.HMH FUSE Algebra 1, 2 & Geometry
23.iSolveIt: MathScaled / iSolveIt: MathSquared
24.Learn Algebra
25.Sound Uncovered
28.Jigsaw Puzzle
29.TanZen Lite
30.Game press
32.Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers
35.Scribble my Story
40.Scribble Press
41.Bai Board: Collaboarative Whiteboard
43.Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp
44.Solve the Outbreak by CDC
45.Virtual Human Body
47.Toca Builders
50.Pixie Lite
51.Ask 3
52.PBS Parents Play & Learn HD
53.Sentence Maker Free
55.Wanderful Storybooks Sampler
56.Read Me Stories: Learn to Read
57.Word Mover
59.Clumsy Ninja

Finally, something I learned on my own during lunch this conference that makes me appreciate Google even more...

The way Gmail works is that it ignores certain symbols and everything which follows after it. For example, my e-mail address is cwmrp@gmail.com, but when I add a plus after my name, I can do whatever I want. Mails directed to this address will still arrive.
So, if I transform my address into cwmrp+pseamagazinesubcriptions@gmail.com, I’ll still get the e-mail. Go ahead, try to send me a mail on the above address and see if I reply

Why is this useful to me? Well, you know how, surfing the web, you sign up to dozens of things every day? And you know how some lists go corrupt and start sending you spam? Well, when I start receiving corrupt mail on cwmrp+pseamagazinesubcriptions@gmail.com, I know exactly which list went corrupt and where to unsubscribe from.
I’m sure it’s useful for a number of other situations as well

(credit: http://blog.piesync.com/top-6-gmail-tricks-you-didnt-know-about/)